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Rima L. Bogardus, Ryan J. Martin, Alice R. Richman, Anthony S. Kulas
Applying the Socio-Ecological Model to barriers to implementation of ACL injury prevention programs:A systematic review
[Abstract] ( 129 ) [] [PDF 1108KB] ( 99 )
Matilda Sorkkila, Tatiana V. Ryba, Kaisa Aunola, Harri Selänne, Katariina Salmela-Aro
Sport burnout inventory-Dual career form for student-athletes:Assessing validity and reliability in a Finnish sample of adolescent athletes
[Abstract] ( 133 ) [] [PDF 911KB] ( 0 )
Eric Schmidt, Marcie Harris-Hayes, Gretchen B. Salsich
Dynamic knee valgus kinematics and their relationship to pain in women with patellofemoral pain compared to women with chronic hip joint pain
[Abstract] ( 152 ) [] [PDF 780KB] ( 0 )
Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Pia Martino-Fuentealba, Andrea Cortínez-O'Ryan, Damian Chandía-Poblete, Carlos Celis-Morales, Paz Bahamondes, Jaime Leppe Zamora, Wendy J. Brown
The descriptive epidemiology of sitting in Chilean adults:Results from the National Health Survey 2009-2010
[Abstract] ( 129 ) [] [PDF 962KB] ( 0 )
Christian A. Clermont, Angkoon Phinyomark, Sean T. Osis, Reed Ferber
Classification of higher-and lower-mileage runners based on running kinematics
[Abstract] ( 134 ) [] [PDF 1741KB] ( 0 )
Morten B. Randers, Marie Hagman, Jonathan Brix, Jesper F. Christensen, Jens Jung Nielsen, Mogens T. Pedersen, Peter Krustrup
Title:Effects of 3 months of full-court and half-court street basketball training on health profile in untrained men
[Abstract] ( 160 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Jennifer Brunet, Jeffrey Gaudet, Erin K. Wing, Mathieu Bélanger
Parents' participation in physical activity predicts maintenance of some, but not all, types of physical activity in offspring during early adolescence:A prospective longitudinal study
[Abstract] ( 201 ) [] [PDF 461KB] ( 0 )
Yumeng Li, Li Guan, Jupil Ko, Shuqi Zhang, Cathleen N. Brown, Kathy J. Simpson
Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of an ankle instability questionnaire for use in Chinese-speaking population
[Abstract] ( 153 ) [] [PDF 569KB] ( 128 )
Trevor N. Simper, Cecile Morris, Anthony Lynn, Ciara O'Hagan, Karen Kilner
Responses to oral glucose challenge differ by physical activity volume and intensity:A pilot study
[Abstract] ( 208 ) [] [PDF 504KB] ( 62 )
Jesús Vera, Raimundo Jiménez, David Cárdenas, Beatriz Redondo, José Antonio García
Visual function, performance, and processing of basketball players versus sedentary individuals
[Abstract] ( 184 ) [] [PDF 587KB] ( 0 )
Bruno G. G. da Costa, Kelly S. da Silva, Jaqueline A. da Silva, Giseli Minatto, Luiz R. A. de Lima, Édio L. Petroski
Sociodemographic, biological, and psychosocial correlates of light- and moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity during school time, recesses, and physical education classes
[Abstract] ( 227 ) [] [PDF 542KB] ( 0 )
Martin I. Jones, John K. Parker
An analysis of the size and direction of the association between mental toughness and Olympic distance personal best triathlon times
[Abstract] ( 193 ) [] [PDF 452KB] ( 47 )
Eduardo Agüera, Salvador Castilla, Evelio Luque, Ignacio Jimena, Ignacio Ruz-Caracuel, Fernando Leiva-Cepas, José Peña
Denervated muscle extract promotes recovery of muscle atrophy through activation of satellite cells. An experimental study
[Abstract] ( 165 ) [] [PDF 2193KB] ( 78 )
Rafael Ballester, Florentino Huertas, Enrique Molina, Daniel Sanabria
Sport participation and vigilance in children:Influence of different sport expertise
[Abstract] ( 211 ) [] [PDF 475KB] ( 68 )
Clayton L. Camic, Attila J. Kovacs, Trisha A. VanDusseldorp, Ethan C. Hill, Evan A. Enquist
Application of the neuromuscular fatigue threshold treadmill test to muscles of the quadriceps and hamstrings
[Abstract] ( 204 ) [] [PDF 793KB] ( 0 )
Ying Gao, Neil J. Cronin, Nina Nevala, Taija Finni
Validity of long-term and short-term recall of occupational sitting time in Finnish and Chinese office workers
[Abstract] ( 176 ) [] [PDF 1034KB] ( 0 )
Wei-Chun Hsu, Li-Wen Tseng, Fu-Chun Chen, Li-Ju Wang, Wen-Wen Yang, Yi-Jia Lin, Chiang Liu
Effects of compression garments on surface EMG and physiological responses during and after distance running
[Abstract] ( 299 ) [] [PDF 618KB] ( 0 )
Sonja Mötteli, Simone Dohle
Egocentric social network correlates of physical activity
[Abstract] ( 303 ) [] [PDF 559KB] ( 0 )
Han Chen, Jun Dai, Yong Gao
Measurement invariance and latent mean differences of the Chinese version physical activity self-efficacy scale across gender and education levels
[Abstract] ( 297 ) [] [PDF 521KB] ( 0 )
Jamie F. Burr, Jenny L. Beck, John J. Durocher
The relationship of high-intensity cross-training with arterial stiffness
[Abstract] ( 304 ) [] [PDF 785KB] ( 0 )
Edgar Johani Latorre-Rojas, Joan Antoni Prat-Subirana, Xavier Peirau-Terés, Sebastià Mas-Alòs, José Vicente Beltrán-Garrido, Antoni Planas-Anzano
Determination of functional fitness age in women aged 50 and older
[Abstract] ( 320 ) [] [PDF 1135KB] ( 0 )
Breanna E. Studenka, Adam Raikes
Gender differences in nonlinear motor performance following concussion
[Abstract] ( 276 ) [] [PDF 852KB] ( 0 )
Gene L. Farren, Tao Zhang, Xiangli Gu, Katherine T. Thomas
Sedentary behavior and physical activity predicting depressive symptoms in adolescents beyond attributes of health-related physical fitness
[Abstract] ( 222 ) [] [PDF 495KB] ( 0 )
Sindre M. Dyrstad, Elisabeth Edvardsen, Bjørge H. Hansen, Sigmund A. Anderssen
Waist circumference thresholds and cardiorespiratory fitness
[Abstract] ( 236 ) [] [PDF 864KB] ( 0 )
Rihab Borji, Firas Zghal, Nidhal Zarrouk, Vincent Martin, Sonia Sahli, Haithem Rebai
Neuromuscular fatigue and recovery profiles in individuals with intellectual disability
[Abstract] ( 305 ) [] [PDF 1049KB] ( 0 )
Christian Herrmann, Christopher Heim, Harald Seelig
Construct and Correlates of Basic Motor Competencies in Primary School-Aged Children
[Abstract] ( 273 ) [] [PDF 855KB] ( 0 )
Matthew Zellmer, Thomas W. Kernozek, Naghmeh Gheidi, Jordan Hove, Michael Torry
Patellar tendon stress between two variations of the forward step lunge
[Abstract] ( 305 ) [] [PDF 1014KB] ( 0 )
Joseph F. Seay, Shane G. Sauer, Tejash Patel, Tanja C. Roy
A history of low back pain affects pelvis and trunk coordination during a sustained manual materials handling task
[Abstract] ( 570 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Iker Leoz-Abaurrea, Nicholas Tam, Roberto Aguado-Jiménez
Heat dissipating upper body compression garment:Thermoregulatory, cardiovascular, and perceptual responses
[Abstract] ( 588 ) [HTML] [PDF 1043KB] ( 929 )
Pedro A. Latorre-Román, Felipe García-Pinillos, Víctor M. Soto-Hermoso, Marcos Muñoz Jiménez
Effects of 12 weeks of barefoot running on foot strike patterns, inversion-eversion and foot rotation in long-distance runners
[Abstract] ( 759 ) [HTML] [PDF 885KB] ( 339 )
Bo Shen, Erin Centeio, Alex Garn, Jeffrey Martin, Noel Kulik, Cheryl Somers, Nate McCaughtry
Parental social support, perceived competence and enjoyment in school physical activity
[Abstract] ( 654 ) [HTML] [PDF 771KB] ( 266 )
Ricardo Ferraz, Roland van den Tillar, Mario C. Marques
The influence of different exercise intensities on kicking accuracy and velocity in soccer players
[Abstract] ( 709 ) [HTML] [PDF 1480KB] ( 724 )
D. Clark Dickin, Rachel K. Surowiec, Henry Wang
Energy expenditure and muscular activation patterns through active sitting on compliant surfaces
[Abstract] ( 766 ) [HTML] [PDF 715KB] ( 543 )
Vedran Hadžić, Brane Širok, Aleš Malneršič, Milan Č oh
Can infrared thermography be used to monitor fatigue during exercise? A case study
[Abstract] ( 693 ) [HTML] [PDF 1261KB] ( 539 )
Andrew D. Nordin, Janet S. Dufek, John A. Mercer
Three-dimensional impact kinetics with foot-strike manipulations during running
[Abstract] ( 595 ) [HTML] [PDF 1764KB] ( 548 )
Elizabeth C. Pruyn, Mark L. Watsford, Aron J. Murphy
Validity and reliability of three methods of stiffness assessment
[Abstract] ( 562 ) [HTML] [PDF 948KB] ( 603 )
Pawel Linek, Edward Saulicz, Tomasz Wolny, Andrzej Myśliwiec
Assessment of the abdominal muscles at rest and during abdominal drawing-in manoeuvre in adolescent physically active girls: A case-control study
[Abstract] ( 37 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Arto Gråstén
Children's expectancy beliefs and subjective task values through two years of school-based program and associated links to physical education enjoyment and physical activity
[Abstract] ( 664 ) [HTML] [PDF 1182KB] ( 587 )
Acknowledgment to reviewers -November 2014 to October 2015
[Abstract] ( 646 ) [] [PDF 483KB] ( 363 )
Acknowledgment to reviewers - November 2014 to October 2015
[Abstract] ( 432 ) [] [PDF 335KB] ( 691 )
Gulbin Rudarli Nalcakan, S. Rana Varol, Faruk Turgay, Mesut Nalcakan, M. Zeki Ozkol, S. Oguz Karamizrak
Effects of aerobic training on serum paraoxonase activity and its relationship with PON1-192 phenotypes in women
[Abstract] ( 879 ) [HTML] [PDF 465KB] ( 566 )
Weiyun Chen, Steve Mason, Austin Hammond-Bennett, Sandy Zalmout
Manipulative skill competency and health-related physical fitness in elementary school students
[Abstract] ( 705 ) [HTML] [PDF 518KB] ( 211 )
Thomas A. Buckley, Srikant Vallabhajosula, Jessie Oldham, Barry A. Munkasy, Kelsey M. Evans, David A. Krazeise, Caroline J. Ketcham, Eric E. Hall
Evidence of a conservative gait strategy in athletes with a history of concussions
[Abstract] ( 550 ) [HTML] [PDF 739KB] ( 570 )
Youngdeok Kim, Minsoo Kang, Anna M. Tacón, James R. Morrow Jr
Longitudinal trajectories of physical activity in women using Latent class growth analysis: The WIN Study
[Abstract] ( 847 ) [] [PDF 522KB] ( 689 )
Felipe García-Pinillos, Juan A. Párraga-Montilla, Víctor M. Soto-Hermoso, Pedro A. Latorre-Román
Changes in balance ability, power output, and stretch-shortening cycle utilisation after two high-intensity intermittent training protocols in endurance runners
[Abstract] ( 541 ) [HTML] [PDF 602KB] ( 575 )
Zhigang Liu, Yun Liu, Zhengying Xiong, Yue Feng, Wenkun Tang
Total soy saponins improve the antioxidant capacity of the myocardium and exercise ability in exhausted rats
[Abstract] ( 831 ) [HTML] [PDF 555KB] ( 800 )
Jeong-Beom Lee, Soon-Bok Na, Tae-Wook Kim
Improved sweat gland function during active heating in tennis athletes
[Abstract] ( 566 ) [HTML] [PDF 506KB] ( 588 )
Kerstin Witte, Siegfried Kropf, Sabine Darius, Peter Emmermacher, Irina Böckelmann
Comparing the effectiveness of karate and fitness training on cognitive functioning in older adults—a randomized controlled trial
[Abstract] ( 563 ) [HTML] [PDF 756KB] ( 657 )
Hee-Tae Roh, Su-Youn Cho, Wi-Young So, Il-Young Paik, Sang-Hoon Suh
Effects of different fluid replacements on serum HSP70 and lymphocyte DNA damage in college athletes during exercise at high ambient temperatures
[Abstract] ( 597 ) [HTML] [PDF 1229KB] ( 776 )
Marja Äijö, Markku Kauppinen, Urho M. Kujala, Terttu Parkatti
Physical activity, fitness, and all-cause mortality: An 18-year follow-up among old people
[Abstract] ( 613 ) [HTML] [PDF 561KB] ( 580 )
Chien-Liang Chen, Nan-Ying Yu, Jing-Shia Tang, Shao-Hsia Chang, Yea-Ru Yang, Lin Wang
Effect of yelling on maximal aerobic power during an incremental test of cycling performance
[Abstract] ( 813 ) [HTML] [PDF 942KB] ( 567 )
Pawel Linek, Edward Saulicz, Tomasz Wolny, Andrzej Myśliwiec
Assessment of the abdominal muscles at rest and during abdominal drawing-in manoeuvre in adolescent physically active girls: A case-control study
[Abstract] ( 580 ) [HTML] [PDF 727KB] ( 618 )
Sima Zach, Yan Xia, Aviva Zeev, Michal Arnon, Noa Choresh, Gershon Tenenbaum
Motivation dimensions for running a marathon: A new model emerging from the Motivation of Marathon Scale (MOMS)
[Abstract] ( 615 ) [HTML] [PDF 991KB] ( 789 )
Vedran Hadžić, Brane Širok, Aleš Malneršič, Milan Čoh
Can infrared thermography be used to monitor fatigue during exercise? A case study
[Abstract] ( 854 ) [HTML] [PDF 1145KB] ( 582 )
Carmen Krewer, Ann Van de Winckel, Naveen Elangovan, Joshua E. Aman, Jürgen Konczak
Commentary on: “Assessing proprioception: A critical review of methods” by Han et al. (2015)
[Abstract] ( 578 ) [HTML] [PDF 384KB] ( 633 )
Jia Han, Gordon Waddington, Roger Adams, Judith Anson, Yu Liu
Assessing proprioception: What do you really want to know?—Response to Krewer et al. (2015)
[Abstract] ( 568 ) [HTML] [PDF 390KB] ( 539 )
Patricia E. Longmuir, Charles Boyer, Meghann Lloyd, Michael M. Borghesea, Emily Knight, Travis J Saunders, Elena Boiarskaia, Weimo Zhu, Mark S Tremblay
Canadian Agility and Movement Skill Assessment (CAMSA): Validity, objectivity, and reliability evidence for children 8 to 12 years of age
[Abstract] ( 531 ) [HTML] [PDF 788KB] ( 694 )
David O'Sullivan, Gabriel P. Fife, Willy Pieter, Taehee Lim, Insik Shin
Resultant linear acceleration of an instrumented head form does not differ between junior and collegiate taekwondo athletes' kicks
[Abstract] ( 569 ) [] [PDF 725KB] ( 0 )
Pablo A. Domene, Hannah J. Moir, Elizabeth Pummell, Chris Easton
Salsa dance and Zumba fitness: Acute responses during community-based classes
[Abstract] ( 460 ) [HTML] [PDF 680KB] ( 728 )
Lauren A. Burt, John D. Schipilow, Steven K. Boyd
Competitive trampolining influences trabecular bone structure, bone size, and bone strength
[Abstract] ( 531 ) [HTML] [PDF 355KB] ( 670 )
David O'Sullivan, Gabriel P. Fife, Willy Pieter, Taehee Lim, Insik Shin
Resultant linear acceleration of an instrumented head form does not differ between junior and collegiate taekwondo athletes' kicks
[Abstract] ( 542 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Mónica Sousa, Maria J. Fernandes, Pedro Carvalho, José Soares, Pedro Moreira, Vitor Hugo Teixeira
Nutritional supplements use in high-performance athletes is related with lower nutritional inadequacy from food
[Abstract] ( 595 ) [] [PDF 354KB] ( 0 )
Rohan Edmonds, Anthony Leicht, Mark McKean, Brendan Burkett
Daily heart rate variability of Paralympic gold medallist swimmers: A 17-week investigation
[Abstract] ( 469 ) [] [PDF 816KB] ( 696 )
Jia Han, Gordon Waddington, Roger Adams, Judith Anson, Yu Liu
Assessing proprioception: A critical review of methods
[Abstract] ( 560 ) [HTML] [PDF 710KB] ( 743 )
Li Li
The financial burden of physical inactivity
[Abstract] ( 65 ) [HTML] [PDF 330KB] ( 249 )
Jade Leung
Implementing Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance in real-world settings: Success and challenges
[Abstract] ( 69 ) [HTML] [PDF 281KB] ( 262 )
David A. Sleet*, Grant T. Baldwin
Can an evidence-based fall prevention program be translated for use in culturally diverse communities?
[Abstract] ( 73 ) [HTML] [PDF 280KB] ( 217 )
Xuewen Wang, Shawn D. Youngstedt
Sleep quality improved following a single session of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in older women: Results from a pilot study
[Abstract] ( 50 ) [HTML] [PDF 402KB] ( 229 )
Thibault Lussiana, Kim Hébert-Losier, Laurent Mourot
Effect of minimal shoes and slope on vertical and leg stiffness during running
[Abstract] ( 65 ) [HTML] [PDF 208KB] ( 287 )
Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos, Nikolaos Papachat Iraklis A. Kollias
Sport specificity background affects the principal component structure 1 of vertical squat 2 jump performance of young adult female athletes
[Abstract] ( 64 ) [HTML] [PDF 1658KB] ( 364 )
J. Larry Durstine, Neil Armstrong, Sulin Cheng
Children’s physical activity and health — Chronic disease in children and young adults
[Abstract] ( 162 ) [HTML] [PDF 304KB] ( 211 )
William F. Riner, Sarah Hunt Sellhorst
Physical activity and exercise in children with chronic health conditions
[Abstract] ( 2239 ) [HTML] [PDF 595KB] ( 1684 )
Arnold G. Nelson, Joke Kokkonen
Elevated metabolic rate during passive stretching is not a sufficient aerobic warm-up
[Abstract] ( 2155 ) [HTML] [PDF 613KB] ( 1366 )
Jennifer M. Yentes, Max J. Kurz, Nicholas Stergiou
Lower extremity injury in female basketball players is related to a large difference in peak eversion torque between barefoot and shod conditions
[Abstract] ( 2660 ) [HTML] [PDF 455KB] ( 1728 )
Weimo Zhu
Reliability: What type, please!
[Abstract] ( 68 ) [HTML] [PDF 314KB] ( 565 )
Angela D. Liese, Xiaoguang Ma, David M. Maahs, Jennifer L. Trilk
Physical activity, sedentary behaviors, physical fitness, and their relation to health outcomes in youth with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: A review of the epidemiologic literature
[Abstract] ( 2402 ) [HTML] [PDF 928KB] ( 1110 )
J. Larry Durstine, Benjamin Gordon, Zhengzhen Wang, Xijuan Luo
Chronic disease and the link to physical activity
[Abstract] ( 2750 ) [HTML] [PDF 556KB] ( 622 )
Craig A. Williams, Daniel Stevens
Physical activity and exercise training in young people with cystic fibrosis: Current recommendations and evidence
[Abstract] ( 2355 ) [HTML] [PDF 378KB] ( 598 )
Ken Pitetti, Tracy Baynard, Stamatis Agiovlasitis
Children and adolescents with Down syndrome, physical fitness and physical activity
[Abstract] ( 2503 ) [HTML] [PDF 455KB] ( 1496 )
Aubrey Newland, Maria Newton, Laura Finch, Colin R. Harbke, Leslie Podlog
Moderating variables in the relationship between mental toughness and performance in basketball
[Abstract] ( 2915 ) [HTML] [PDF 462KB] ( 860 )
Marc Lochbaum, Kylee Litchfield, Leslie Podlog, Rafer Lutz
Extraversion, emotional instability, and self-reported exercise: The mediating effects of approach-avoidance achievement goals
[Abstract] ( 3006 ) [HTML] [PDF 525KB] ( 639 )
Zan Gao, Leslie Podlog, Chaoqun Huang
Associations among children’s situation motivation, physical activity participation, and enjoyment in an active dance video game
[Abstract] ( 3048 ) [HTML] [PDF 360KB] ( 888 )
Leslie Podlog, Marc Lochbaum, Jens Kleinert, James Dimmock, Maria Newton, Stefanie Schulte
The relationship between self-presentation concerns and pre-game affect among adolescent American football players
[Abstract] ( 3059 ) [HTML] [PDF 385KB] ( 934 )
Zhu Zhang, Packianathan Chelladurai
Antecedents and consequences of athlete’s trust in the coach
[Abstract] ( 2904 ) [HTML] [PDF 506KB] ( 1041 )
J. Gualberto Cremades, Catherine J. Donlon, Artur Poczwardowski
Parental involvement and gender differences in the psychological profile of freshmen collegiate athletes
[Abstract] ( 2820 ) [HTML] [PDF 389KB] ( 889 )

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