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Alberto Flórez-Pregonero, Janet E. Fulton, Joan M. Dorn, Barbara E. Ainsworth
Feasibility of using pedometers in a state-based surveillance system: 2014 Arizona Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2014
[Abstract] ( 29 ) [] [PDF 474KB] ( 24 )
Gabriella Beckvid-Henriksson, Hoai Thu Nguyen, Julia Kilhed, Agnes Nordström, Sofie Svensson, Huong Thi Thanh Tran, Ingeborg Van Der Ploeg, Carl Johan Sundberg
Implementation and assessment of diverse strategies for physical activity promotion in Vietnam—A case report
[Abstract] ( 25 ) [] [PDF 724KB] ( 16 )
Günay Yıldızer, Emre Bilgin, Ezel Nur Korur, Dario Novak, Gıyasettin Demirhan
The association of various social capital indicators and physical activity participation among Turkish adolescents
[Abstract] ( 23 ) [] [PDF 613KB] ( 11 )
Barbara E. Ainsworth, Guest Editor, Caroline A. Macera
Promoting physical activity in a public health context
[Abstract] ( 37 ) [] [PDF 362KB] ( 12 )
David R. Brown, Susan A. Carlson, Gayathri S. Kumar, Janet E. Fulton
Research highlights from the status report for Step it up! The surgeon general's call to action to promote walking and walkable communities
[Abstract] ( 28 ) [] [PDF 391KB] ( 28 )
Fiona Bull
Translating science to inform global policy on physical activity
[Abstract] ( 26 ) [] [PDF 347KB] ( 27 )
Matilda Sorkkila, Tatiana V. Ryba, Kaisa Aunola, Harri Selänne, Katariina Salmela-Aro
Sport burnout inventory-Dual career form for student-athletes:Assessing validity and reliability in a Finnish sample of adolescent athletes
[Abstract] ( 32 ) [] [PDF 911KB] ( 0 )
Rima L. Bogardus, Ryan J. Martin, Alice R. Richman, Anthony S. Kulas
Applying the Socio-Ecological Model to barriers to implementation of ACL injury prevention programs:A systematic review
[Abstract] ( 34 ) [] [PDF 1108KB] ( 46 )
Morten B. Randers, Marie Hagman, Jonathan Brix, Jesper F. Christensen, Jens Jung Nielsen, Mogens T. Pedersen, Peter Krustrup
Title:Effects of 3 months of full-court and half-court street basketball training on health profile in untrained men
[Abstract] ( 53 ) [] [PDF 1177KB] ( 0 )
Eric Schmidt, Marcie Harris-Hayes, Gretchen B. Salsich
Dynamic knee valgus kinematics and their relationship to pain in women with patellofemoral pain compared to women with chronic hip joint pain
[Abstract] ( 69 ) [] [PDF 780KB] ( 0 )
Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Pia Martino-Fuentealba, Andrea Cortínez-O'Ryan, Damian Chandía-Poblete, Carlos Celis-Morales, Paz Bahamondes, Jaime Leppe Zamora, Wendy J. Brown
The descriptive epidemiology of sitting in Chilean adults:Results from the National Health Survey 2009-2010
[Abstract] ( 56 ) [] [PDF 962KB] ( 0 )
Christian A. Clermont, Angkoon Phinyomark, Sean T. Osis, Reed Ferber
Classification of higher-and lower-mileage runners based on running kinematics
[Abstract] ( 54 ) [] [PDF 1741KB] ( 0 )
Morten B. Randers, Marie Hagman, Jonathan Brix, Jesper F. Christensen, Jens Jung Nielsen, Mogens T. Pedersen, Peter Krustrup
Title:Effects of 3 months of full-court and half-court street basketball training on health profile in untrained men
[Abstract] ( 63 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Francesco Misiti
Exercise vs.high altitude therapy
[Abstract] ( 89 ) [] [PDF 341KB] ( 49 )
Jincheng Xu, Can Gao
Physical activity guidelines for Chinese children and adolescents:The next essential step
[Abstract] ( 90 ) [] [PDF 375KB] ( 69 )
Jennifer Brunet, Jeffrey Gaudet, Erin K. Wing, Mathieu Bélanger
Parents' participation in physical activity predicts maintenance of some, but not all, types of physical activity in offspring during early adolescence:A prospective longitudinal study
[Abstract] ( 111 ) [] [PDF 461KB] ( 0 )
Yumeng Li, Li Guan, Jupil Ko, Shuqi Zhang, Cathleen N. Brown, Kathy J. Simpson
Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of an ankle instability questionnaire for use in Chinese-speaking population
[Abstract] ( 79 ) [] [PDF 569KB] ( 96 )
Trevor N. Simper, Cecile Morris, Anthony Lynn, Ciara O'Hagan, Karen Kilner
Responses to oral glucose challenge differ by physical activity volume and intensity:A pilot study
[Abstract] ( 117 ) [] [PDF 504KB] ( 41 )
Jesús Vera, Raimundo Jiménez, David Cárdenas, Beatriz Redondo, José Antonio García
Visual function, performance, and processing of basketball players versus sedentary individuals
[Abstract] ( 106 ) [] [PDF 587KB] ( 0 )
Bruno G. G. da Costa, Kelly S. da Silva, Jaqueline A. da Silva, Giseli Minatto, Luiz R. A. de Lima, Édio L. Petroski
Sociodemographic, biological, and psychosocial correlates of light- and moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity during school time, recesses, and physical education classes
[Abstract] ( 113 ) [] [PDF 542KB] ( 0 )
Lindsay Sullivan, Michal Molcho
What do coaches want to know about sports-related concussion? A needs assessment study
[Abstract] ( 103 ) [] [PDF 450KB] ( 29 )
Martin I. Jones, John K. Parker
An analysis of the size and direction of the association between mental toughness and Olympic distance personal best triathlon times
[Abstract] ( 103 ) [] [PDF 452KB] ( 31 )
Mianfang Ruan
“Excessive muscle strain as the direct cause of injury” should not be generalized to hamstring muscle strain injury in sprinting
[Abstract] ( 115 ) [] [PDF 379KB] ( 0 )
Eduardo Agüera, Salvador Castilla, Evelio Luque, Ignacio Jimena, Ignacio Ruz-Caracuel, Fernando Leiva-Cepas, José Peña
Denervated muscle extract promotes recovery of muscle atrophy through activation of satellite cells. An experimental study
[Abstract] ( 93 ) [] [PDF 2193KB] ( 54 )
Rafael Ballester, Florentino Huertas, Enrique Molina, Daniel Sanabria
Sport participation and vigilance in children:Influence of different sport expertise
[Abstract] ( 120 ) [] [PDF 475KB] ( 40 )
Clayton L. Camic, Attila J. Kovacs, Trisha A. VanDusseldorp, Ethan C. Hill, Evan A. Enquist
Application of the neuromuscular fatigue threshold treadmill test to muscles of the quadriceps and hamstrings
[Abstract] ( 117 ) [] [PDF 793KB] ( 0 )
Ying Gao, Neil J. Cronin, Nina Nevala, Taija Finni
Validity of long-term and short-term recall of occupational sitting time in Finnish and Chinese office workers
[Abstract] ( 92 ) [] [PDF 1034KB] ( 0 )
Wei-Chun Hsu, Li-Wen Tseng, Fu-Chun Chen, Li-Ju Wang, Wen-Wen Yang, Yi-Jia Lin, Chiang Liu
Effects of compression garments on surface EMG and physiological responses during and after distance running
[Abstract] ( 205 ) [] [PDF 618KB] ( 0 )
Sonja Mötteli, Simone Dohle
Egocentric social network correlates of physical activity
[Abstract] ( 198 ) [] [PDF 559KB] ( 0 )
Malcolm Eaton, Cesare Granata, Julianne Barry, Adeel Safdar, David Bishop, Jonathan P. Little
Impact of a single bout of high-intensity interval exercise and short-term interval training on interleukin-6, FNDC5, and METRNL mRNA expression in human skeletal muscle
[Abstract] ( 207 ) [] [PDF 687KB] ( 0 )
Han Chen, Jun Dai, Yong Gao
Measurement invariance and latent mean differences of the Chinese version physical activity self-efficacy scale across gender and education levels
[Abstract] ( 202 ) [] [PDF 521KB] ( 0 )
Kazuko Kato, Kunihiro Iwamoto, Naoko Kawano, Yukihiro Noda, Norio Ozaki, Akiko Noda
Differential effects of physical activity and sleep duration on cognitive function in young adults
[Abstract] ( 192 ) [] [PDF 673KB] ( 0 )
Li-Jung Chen, Kenneth R. Fox, Wen-Jung Sun, Pei-Shu Tsai, Po-Wen Ku, DaChen Chu
Associations between walking parameters and subsequent sleep difficulty in older adults: A 2-year follow-up study
[Abstract] ( 209 ) [] [PDF 458KB] ( 0 )
Jonghoon Park, Kazuko Ishikawa-Takata, Sangjik Lee, Eunkyung Kim, Kiwon Lim, Hyungryul Kim, In-Sook Lee, Shigeho Tanaka
Comparison of daily physical activity parameters using objective methods between overweight and normal-weight children
[Abstract] ( 173 ) [] [PDF 668KB] ( 0 )
Jamie F. Burr, Jenny L. Beck, John J. Durocher
The relationship of high-intensity cross-training with arterial stiffness
[Abstract] ( 199 ) [] [PDF 785KB] ( 0 )
Edgar Johani Latorre-Rojas, Joan Antoni Prat-Subirana, Xavier Peirau-Terés, Sebastià Mas-Alòs, José Vicente Beltrán-Garrido, Antoni Planas-Anzano
Determination of functional fitness age in women aged 50 and older
[Abstract] ( 216 ) [] [PDF 1135KB] ( 0 )
Sally Miller, Ruth Taylor-Piliae
The association between Tai Chi exercise and safe driving performance among older adults: An observational study
[Abstract] ( 176 ) [] [PDF 781KB] ( 0 )
Lucas Dantas Maia Forte, Fúlvia Barros Manchado-Gobatto, Roberta Cunha Matheus Rodrigues, Maria Cecília Gallani, Claudio Alexandre Gobatto
Non-exhaustive double effort test is reliable and estimates the first ventilatory threshold intensity in running exercise
[Abstract] ( 175 ) [] [PDF 1082KB] ( 0 )
Breanna E. Studenka, Adam Raikes
Gender differences in nonlinear motor performance following concussion
[Abstract] ( 174 ) [] [PDF 852KB] ( 0 )
Gene L. Farren, Tao Zhang, Xiangli Gu, Katherine T. Thomas
Sedentary behavior and physical activity predicting depressive symptoms in adolescents beyond attributes of health-related physical fitness
[Abstract] ( 143 ) [] [PDF 495KB] ( 0 )
Sindre M. Dyrstad, Elisabeth Edvardsen, Bjørge H. Hansen, Sigmund A. Anderssen
Waist circumference thresholds and cardiorespiratory fitness
[Abstract] ( 153 ) [] [PDF 864KB] ( 0 )
Rihab Borji, Firas Zghal, Nidhal Zarrouk, Vincent Martin, Sonia Sahli, Haithem Rebai
Neuromuscular fatigue and recovery profiles in individuals with intellectual disability
[Abstract] ( 205 ) [] [PDF 1049KB] ( 0 )
Christian Herrmann, Christopher Heim, Harald Seelig
Construct and Correlates of Basic Motor Competencies in Primary School-Aged Children
[Abstract] ( 188 ) [] [PDF 855KB] ( 0 )
Matthew Zellmer, Thomas W. Kernozek, Naghmeh Gheidi, Jordan Hove, Michael Torry
Patellar tendon stress between two variations of the forward step lunge
[Abstract] ( 224 ) [] [PDF 1014KB] ( 0 )
Joseph F. Seay, Shane G. Sauer, Tejash Patel, Tanja C. Roy
A history of low back pain affects pelvis and trunk coordination during a sustained manual materials handling task
[Abstract] ( 479 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Iker Leoz-Abaurrea, Nicholas Tam, Roberto Aguado-Jiménez
Heat dissipating upper body compression garment:Thermoregulatory, cardiovascular, and perceptual responses
[Abstract] ( 497 ) [HTML] [PDF 1043KB] ( 806 )
Pedro A. Latorre-Román, Felipe García-Pinillos, Víctor M. Soto-Hermoso, Marcos Muñoz Jiménez
Effects of 12 weeks of barefoot running on foot strike patterns, inversion-eversion and foot rotation in long-distance runners
[Abstract] ( 657 ) [HTML] [PDF 885KB] ( 306 )
Bo Shen, Erin Centeio, Alex Garn, Jeffrey Martin, Noel Kulik, Cheryl Somers, Nate McCaughtry
Parental social support, perceived competence and enjoyment in school physical activity
[Abstract] ( 549 ) [HTML] [PDF 771KB] ( 214 )
Ricardo Ferraz, Roland van den Tillar, Mario C. Marques
The influence of different exercise intensities on kicking accuracy and velocity in soccer players
[Abstract] ( 623 ) [HTML] [PDF 1480KB] ( 604 )
D. Clark Dickin, Rachel K. Surowiec, Henry Wang
Energy expenditure and muscular activation patterns through active sitting on compliant surfaces
[Abstract] ( 647 ) [HTML] [PDF 715KB] ( 458 )
Vedran Hadžić, Brane Širok, Aleš Malneršič, Milan Č oh
Can infrared thermography be used to monitor fatigue during exercise? A case study
[Abstract] ( 575 ) [HTML] [PDF 1261KB] ( 451 )
Andrew D. Nordin, Janet S. Dufek, John A. Mercer
Three-dimensional impact kinetics with foot-strike manipulations during running
[Abstract] ( 501 ) [HTML] [PDF 1764KB] ( 457 )
Elizabeth C. Pruyn, Mark L. Watsford, Aron J. Murphy
Validity and reliability of three methods of stiffness assessment
[Abstract] ( 459 ) [HTML] [PDF 948KB] ( 506 )
Pawel Linek, Edward Saulicz, Tomasz Wolny, Andrzej Myśliwiec
Assessment of the abdominal muscles at rest and during abdominal drawing-in manoeuvre in adolescent physically active girls: A case-control study
[Abstract] ( 35 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Arto Gråstén
Children's expectancy beliefs and subjective task values through two years of school-based program and associated links to physical education enjoyment and physical activity
[Abstract] ( 572 ) [HTML] [PDF 1182KB] ( 494 )
Acknowledgment to reviewers -November 2014 to October 2015
[Abstract] ( 544 ) [] [PDF 483KB] ( 282 )
Acknowledgment to reviewers - November 2014 to October 2015
[Abstract] ( 357 ) [] [PDF 335KB] ( 620 )
Gulbin Rudarli Nalcakan, S. Rana Varol, Faruk Turgay, Mesut Nalcakan, M. Zeki Ozkol, S. Oguz Karamizrak
Effects of aerobic training on serum paraoxonase activity and its relationship with PON1-192 phenotypes in women
[Abstract] ( 767 ) [HTML] [PDF 465KB] ( 484 )
Weiyun Chen, Steve Mason, Austin Hammond-Bennett, Sandy Zalmout
Manipulative skill competency and health-related physical fitness in elementary school students
[Abstract] ( 592 ) [HTML] [PDF 518KB] ( 176 )
Thomas A. Buckley, Srikant Vallabhajosula, Jessie Oldham, Barry A. Munkasy, Kelsey M. Evans, David A. Krazeise, Caroline J. Ketcham, Eric E. Hall
Evidence of a conservative gait strategy in athletes with a history of concussions
[Abstract] ( 449 ) [HTML] [PDF 739KB] ( 483 )
Youngdeok Kim, Minsoo Kang, Anna M. Tacón, James R. Morrow Jr
Longitudinal trajectories of physical activity in women using Latent class growth analysis: The WIN Study
[Abstract] ( 725 ) [] [PDF 522KB] ( 617 )
Felipe García-Pinillos, Juan A. Párraga-Montilla, Víctor M. Soto-Hermoso, Pedro A. Latorre-Román
Changes in balance ability, power output, and stretch-shortening cycle utilisation after two high-intensity intermittent training protocols in endurance runners
[Abstract] ( 450 ) [HTML] [PDF 602KB] ( 496 )
Zhigang Liu, Yun Liu, Zhengying Xiong, Yue Feng, Wenkun Tang
Total soy saponins improve the antioxidant capacity of the myocardium and exercise ability in exhausted rats
[Abstract] ( 718 ) [HTML] [PDF 555KB] ( 679 )
Jeong-Beom Lee, Soon-Bok Na, Tae-Wook Kim
Improved sweat gland function during active heating in tennis athletes
[Abstract] ( 484 ) [HTML] [PDF 506KB] ( 517 )
Kerstin Witte, Siegfried Kropf, Sabine Darius, Peter Emmermacher, Irina Böckelmann
Comparing the effectiveness of karate and fitness training on cognitive functioning in older adults—a randomized controlled trial
[Abstract] ( 473 ) [HTML] [PDF 756KB] ( 572 )
Hee-Tae Roh, Su-Youn Cho, Wi-Young So, Il-Young Paik, Sang-Hoon Suh
Effects of different fluid replacements on serum HSP70 and lymphocyte DNA damage in college athletes during exercise at high ambient temperatures
[Abstract] ( 507 ) [HTML] [PDF 1229KB] ( 703 )
Marja Äijö, Markku Kauppinen, Urho M. Kujala, Terttu Parkatti
Physical activity, fitness, and all-cause mortality: An 18-year follow-up among old people
[Abstract] ( 531 ) [HTML] [PDF 561KB] ( 482 )
Chien-Liang Chen, Nan-Ying Yu, Jing-Shia Tang, Shao-Hsia Chang, Yea-Ru Yang, Lin Wang
Effect of yelling on maximal aerobic power during an incremental test of cycling performance
[Abstract] ( 662 ) [HTML] [PDF 942KB] ( 495 )
Pawel Linek, Edward Saulicz, Tomasz Wolny, Andrzej Myśliwiec
Assessment of the abdominal muscles at rest and during abdominal drawing-in manoeuvre in adolescent physically active girls: A case-control study
[Abstract] ( 489 ) [HTML] [PDF 727KB] ( 531 )
Sima Zach, Yan Xia, Aviva Zeev, Michal Arnon, Noa Choresh, Gershon Tenenbaum
Motivation dimensions for running a marathon: A new model emerging from the Motivation of Marathon Scale (MOMS)
[Abstract] ( 515 ) [HTML] [PDF 991KB] ( 708 )
Vedran Hadžić, Brane Širok, Aleš Malneršič, Milan Čoh
Can infrared thermography be used to monitor fatigue during exercise? A case study
[Abstract] ( 746 ) [HTML] [PDF 1145KB] ( 508 )
Carmen Krewer, Ann Van de Winckel, Naveen Elangovan, Joshua E. Aman, Jürgen Konczak
Commentary on: “Assessing proprioception: A critical review of methods” by Han et al. (2015)
[Abstract] ( 489 ) [HTML] [PDF 384KB] ( 532 )
Jia Han, Gordon Waddington, Roger Adams, Judith Anson, Yu Liu
Assessing proprioception: What do you really want to know?—Response to Krewer et al. (2015)
[Abstract] ( 492 ) [HTML] [PDF 390KB] ( 464 )
Patricia E. Longmuir, Charles Boyer, Meghann Lloyd, Michael M. Borghesea, Emily Knight, Travis J Saunders, Elena Boiarskaia, Weimo Zhu, Mark S Tremblay
Canadian Agility and Movement Skill Assessment (CAMSA): Validity, objectivity, and reliability evidence for children 8 to 12 years of age
[Abstract] ( 441 ) [HTML] [PDF 788KB] ( 579 )
David O'Sullivan, Gabriel P. Fife, Willy Pieter, Taehee Lim, Insik Shin
Resultant linear acceleration of an instrumented head form does not differ between junior and collegiate taekwondo athletes' kicks
[Abstract] ( 488 ) [] [PDF 725KB] ( 0 )
Pablo A. Domene, Hannah J. Moir, Elizabeth Pummell, Chris Easton
Salsa dance and Zumba fitness: Acute responses during community-based classes
[Abstract] ( 383 ) [HTML] [PDF 680KB] ( 591 )
Lauren A. Burt, John D. Schipilow, Steven K. Boyd
Competitive trampolining influences trabecular bone structure, bone size, and bone strength
[Abstract] ( 444 ) [HTML] [PDF 355KB] ( 578 )
David O'Sullivan, Gabriel P. Fife, Willy Pieter, Taehee Lim, Insik Shin
Resultant linear acceleration of an instrumented head form does not differ between junior and collegiate taekwondo athletes' kicks
[Abstract] ( 463 ) [] [PDF 0KB] ( 0 )
Mónica Sousa, Maria J. Fernandes, Pedro Carvalho, José Soares, Pedro Moreira, Vitor Hugo Teixeira
Nutritional supplements use in high-performance athletes is related with lower nutritional inadequacy from food
[Abstract] ( 517 ) [] [PDF 354KB] ( 0 )
Rohan Edmonds, Anthony Leicht, Mark McKean, Brendan Burkett
Daily heart rate variability of Paralympic gold medallist swimmers: A 17-week investigation
[Abstract] ( 381 ) [] [PDF 816KB] ( 616 )
Jia Han, Gordon Waddington, Roger Adams, Judith Anson, Yu Liu
Assessing proprioception: A critical review of methods
[Abstract] ( 491 ) [HTML] [PDF 710KB] ( 665 )
Li Li
The financial burden of physical inactivity
[Abstract] ( 65 ) [HTML] [PDF 330KB] ( 247 )
Jade Leung
Implementing Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance in real-world settings: Success and challenges
[Abstract] ( 69 ) [HTML] [PDF 281KB] ( 260 )
David A. Sleet*, Grant T. Baldwin
Can an evidence-based fall prevention program be translated for use in culturally diverse communities?
[Abstract] ( 73 ) [HTML] [PDF 280KB] ( 212 )
Xuewen Wang, Shawn D. Youngstedt
Sleep quality improved following a single session of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in older women: Results from a pilot study
[Abstract] ( 50 ) [HTML] [PDF 402KB] ( 224 )
Thibault Lussiana, Kim Hébert-Losier, Laurent Mourot
Effect of minimal shoes and slope on vertical and leg stiffness during running
[Abstract] ( 65 ) [HTML] [PDF 208KB] ( 273 )
Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos, Nikolaos Papachat Iraklis A. Kollias
Sport specificity background affects the principal component structure 1 of vertical squat 2 jump performance of young adult female athletes
[Abstract] ( 63 ) [HTML] [PDF 1658KB] ( 344 )
J. Larry Durstine, Neil Armstrong, Sulin Cheng
Children’s physical activity and health — Chronic disease in children and young adults
[Abstract] ( 162 ) [HTML] [PDF 304KB] ( 206 )
William F. Riner, Sarah Hunt Sellhorst
Physical activity and exercise in children with chronic health conditions
[Abstract] ( 2118 ) [HTML] [PDF 595KB] ( 1570 )
Arnold G. Nelson, Joke Kokkonen
Elevated metabolic rate during passive stretching is not a sufficient aerobic warm-up
[Abstract] ( 2024 ) [HTML] [PDF 613KB] ( 1287 )
Jennifer M. Yentes, Max J. Kurz, Nicholas Stergiou
Lower extremity injury in female basketball players is related to a large difference in peak eversion torque between barefoot and shod conditions
[Abstract] ( 2525 ) [HTML] [PDF 455KB] ( 1624 )
Weimo Zhu
Reliability: What type, please!
[Abstract] ( 68 ) [HTML] [PDF 314KB] ( 504 )
Angela D. Liese, Xiaoguang Ma, David M. Maahs, Jennifer L. Trilk
Physical activity, sedentary behaviors, physical fitness, and their relation to health outcomes in youth with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: A review of the epidemiologic literature
[Abstract] ( 2260 ) [HTML] [PDF 928KB] ( 1068 )
J. Larry Durstine, Benjamin Gordon, Zhengzhen Wang, Xijuan Luo
Chronic disease and the link to physical activity
[Abstract] ( 2594 ) [HTML] [PDF 556KB] ( 565 )
Craig A. Williams, Daniel Stevens
Physical activity and exercise training in young people with cystic fibrosis: Current recommendations and evidence
[Abstract] ( 2237 ) [HTML] [PDF 378KB] ( 542 )
Ken Pitetti, Tracy Baynard, Stamatis Agiovlasitis
Children and adolescents with Down syndrome, physical fitness and physical activity
[Abstract] ( 2380 ) [HTML] [PDF 455KB] ( 1403 )
Aubrey Newland, Maria Newton, Laura Finch, Colin R. Harbke, Leslie Podlog
Moderating variables in the relationship between mental toughness and performance in basketball
[Abstract] ( 2770 ) [HTML] [PDF 462KB] ( 812 )
Marc Lochbaum, Kylee Litchfield, Leslie Podlog, Rafer Lutz
Extraversion, emotional instability, and self-reported exercise: The mediating effects of approach-avoidance achievement goals
[Abstract] ( 2868 ) [HTML] [PDF 525KB] ( 601 )
Zan Gao, Leslie Podlog, Chaoqun Huang
Associations among children’s situation motivation, physical activity participation, and enjoyment in an active dance video game
[Abstract] ( 2901 ) [HTML] [PDF 360KB] ( 838 )
Leslie Podlog, Marc Lochbaum, Jens Kleinert, James Dimmock, Maria Newton, Stefanie Schulte
The relationship between self-presentation concerns and pre-game affect among adolescent American football players
[Abstract] ( 2926 ) [HTML] [PDF 385KB] ( 883 )
Zhu Zhang, Packianathan Chelladurai
Antecedents and consequences of athlete’s trust in the coach
[Abstract] ( 2765 ) [HTML] [PDF 506KB] ( 989 )
J. Gualberto Cremades, Catherine J. Donlon, Artur Poczwardowski
Parental involvement and gender differences in the psychological profile of freshmen collegiate athletes
[Abstract] ( 2685 ) [HTML] [PDF 389KB] ( 834 )
Jennifer J. Moreland, Kathryn A. Coxe, Jingzhen "Ginger" Yang
Collegiate athletes' mental health services utilization:A systematic review of conceptualizations, operationalizations, facilitators, and barriers
[Abstract] ( 100 ) [] [PDF 720KB] ( 0 )

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